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Photo of the month:
May - Phat Fruity
" Phatt Fruity has a distinctly earthy taste and a pure couch locking stone effect"
April - Cheese
"Strong, Euphoria, Excitement, Giggles, Creativity"
March - Haze
"Columbian, Mexican and Thai variaties. HiGH THC"
February - ISO Hash Oil
"Honey oil. Achieving this quality with ISO or acetone is hard"
January- El Monstre
"Sannies El Monstre: Jackberry Blue Cronic"
June - White Widow
" The White Widow buds burn very well leaving only a fine white ash behind"
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Malawi Gold Cobs

The Cob that is Gold in Malawi

The Malawi cob comes in many forms, shapes, sizes and colours. There are also many ways to prepare a cob, or that have been used over the years. However a general process is harvest and dry the malawi gold female plants, and wrap them tightly in a corn husk, securing and bound in the classic cob style. Sometimes its baked directly in the sun, or alternatives are to bury it under soil, and even kraal manure, to possibly make the classic black magics, malawi black. 

Strain Hunters


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THC oil made naturally

Nearly 50 years ago I made THC hash oil in Nepal, that today some think is a new innovative technique. I used Iso alcohol and ether, first cooking up hashish resin using kerosene stoves, outside in my yard, being careful not to get the mix too hot, I used a thermometer to keep the temperature below what would destroy the THC, after simmering I filtered the mix through nylon cloth, this liquid I let cool and then introduced ether to help the alcohol evaporate, when I introduced the ether to the alcohol resin mix flames from Shiva were seen.

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Tennessee Pot Cave

December 2005, Fred Strunk, Brian Gibson, and Greg Compton were arrested for their part in constructing and operating a secret marijuana farm in a cave under their house.  

Their pot farm was located on Dixon Springs Road in eastern Trousdale County, Tennessee.  This area is about 40 miles northeast of Nashville.  
Trousdale County is not exactly a well-known center for criminal activity.  Located in the hills of rural northern Tennessee, Trousdale is the smallest county in the state.  
This story seemed like an episode straight out of the Dukes of Hazzard - three super-smart rogues trying to outwit the hick country sheriff!   However, this time it was the police who came away the winner.  
What the police discovered was nothing short of amazing.  Operating on reports of suspicious activity, they raided a beautiful A-frame home built in the middle of nowhere. From the outside, the pot house looked like a beautiful vacation home out in the woods, but investigators quickly realized the exterior served as a prop designed to conceal the amazing pot farm below. There was a lot more going on in that house than met the eye.  
In an underground cavern located beneath the stylish A-frame home, the police found a sophisticated operation which grew as much as 100 pounds of marijuana every eight weeks.  This secret high-tech underground cave seemed more likely to be part of a Hollywood drug movie too crazy to believe, except that in this case it was real.  
Using two rooms, our clever crooks were able to generate 12 to 14 crops a year.  Each crop had an estimated street value around $500,000 or more.  Do the math.  At this rate, 13 crops a year would bring in $6-8 Million.
That's a lot more than you or I make, yes?   The difference is that you and I aren't going to jail.  This incident became the biggest pot bust in Middle Tennessee history. 





The Tennessee Pot Farm


Start 'N' Go Productions



Advanced Nutrients Yield Claims

DISCLAIMER! This footage was taken from the German film, "Downfall" and was used strictly for parody purposes.Also, just to make it clear, I do not totally believe in all the statements made by Hitler in this video. I just wanted to make one of these Hitler videos for a while and thought it would be entertaining.After finally beating Youtube's copyright detector I bring you my Hitler reaction video.Enjoy!No insult to those who like to use Advanced Nutrients, I am just trying to have some fun!




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