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2 police, stolen dagga in police van

MEC for safety and liaison Helen Sauls-August has welcomed the arrest of two policemen from Mount Frere outside Mthatha for allegedly transporting stolen dagga in a police van.
The two policemen, who were arrested at the weekend, appeared in the Mount Frere Magistrate’s Court on Monday. They are facing charges of theft and unlawful possession of ammunition.
The two police officers were allegedly found near a police van loaded with 10 bags stolen from the Mount Frere police station.
The dagga was initially confiscated by the police during a raid on local drug smugglers.
One of the two police officers arrested was also found in possession of stolen ammunition.
“The MEC condemns the action of the two officers, and commends the quick intervention of the SAPS to root out corruption within its ranks,” spokesperson Lwandile Sicwetsha said.
The officers, whose names have not been released, were remanded in custody and will appear in court again tomorrow for a bail application.
In a recent report tabled in Parliament, the Eastern Cape was listed as the second highest SAPS facility with a criminal record after Gauteng.

The highest number of members who have committed multiple offences, namely 133, was from the Eastern Cape.
Following the report, Sauls-August revealed in a written report to the provincial DA that a total of 264 members of the SAPS have a criminal record in the Eastern Cape. There are 474 pending cases against the police.
“If the SAPS is to enjoy the public’s trust, criminals in its ranks need to be removed. The DA will continue to monitor this, and will ask questions as to what steps are taken to reduce the prevalence of crime in the SAPS,” DA’s provincial safety spokesperson, Bobby Stevenson said.
“The fact that such serious crimes are committed by the SAPS is indeed alarming. The very nature of police work prescribes that there is bound to be a certain level of temptation, and an opportunity to commit wrongs such as theft. It is therefore imperative that psychometric testing is done to ensure that new members are the right calibre of police,” he said.




Dagga Spring Uprising

Announcing the 2013 Cape Town Spring Dagga Uprising March










On Saturday, September 21, 2013, at 10h00, the diverse group of South Africans who support the re-legalisation of the Cannabis plant shall again gather in Cape Town for a Dagga Spring Uprising, and a OneLoveCulture Smokedown, to celebrate their unity and support for the Cannabis plant’s re-legalisation for the people's benefit. This event will occur in various centres around the country, with further details to be announced.

Marchers will claim equal rights to adult users of alcohol and tobacco who may freely produce, consume and trade these products responsibly without fear of criminal prosecution.

There is growing awareness among South African citizens that the drug war propaganda against the Cannabis plant and those who use it is in fact designed to keep people away from a very useful agricultural resource that is medically beneficial and actually harmless. The supporters of legalisation contend that the prohibition is not scientifically based; does not justify criminalisation; is at its roots racist; and exists to promote profits and market control by certain corporations.

There will be speeches and announcements to co-ordinate future public actions, including a forthcoming mass action to stop all prosecutions for dagga pending a review of the law. After the march, the people will gather at another venue for networking and to enjoy a OneLoveCulture Smokedown. Participants are asked to bring their own refreshments and hempseed.

Cape Town Citizens will meet at the Keizersgracht Parking, Cape Town, at 10h00 on September 21st for a march through the streets of Cape Town. The march in Cape Town is convened by the Dagga Party of South Africa. For more information, contact Jeremy Acton, leader, at 084 623 3389.


Facebook Event Page


Rastafarians take DA man to court

Cape Town - The Rastafarians’ rights group Rasta Beat has taken the DA’s Mark Wiley to the Western Cape High Court, saying he unlawfully associated their religion with drug abuse.

On Friday, Gareth Prince, for Rasta Beat, filed high court papers after an unsuccessful attempt at the Equality Court.

This comes after Wiley called on provincial police commissioner Lieutenant-General Arno Lamoer to act against Mitchells Plain police commander Major-General Jeremy Veary for wearing a T-shirt with a dagga emblem and the word “Rastafarian”.

“(Veary) needs to understand that public behaviour must set an example for others, given that he is responsible for policing drug abuse in one of the most drug-affected communities in the metro,” Wiley said in an open letter to Lamoer.

Rasta Beat lodged a complaint against Wiley at the Equality Court in July. After Wiley failed to make a statement to the Equality Court, as it had requested, Rasta Beat took the matter to the high court.

Wiley told the Cape Argus he had no issue with the Rastafarian community and their use of dagga for religious purposes.

“It is my job as standing committee chairman for community safety to help fulfil an oversight role with regard to police conduct in the province. I stick to my criticism of Veary, and question why the police have not responded to my calls for action to be taken against Veary,” he said.

DA lawyers had not responded to Rasta Beat’s complaint to the court because it was “nonsensical”. A request to the Equality Court for clarity had gone unanswered.

Prince said he had not received a request from the Equality Court for the complaint to be clarified, and accused the DA of using delaying tactics.



Jozi's green light district

JOHANNESBURG - Maboneng, a property development in downtown Johannesburg, wants to be used as a test case for the decriminalisation of dagga in South Africa.


Modeling itself as a “green zone”, the precinct is hoping to be transformed into a dagga smokers’ paradise within a number of years.

Dagga has never got a lot of good press, depicted as nothing more than a gateway drug and pastime for the feeble minded.

However the precinct is following in the footsteps of long standing decriminalisation in the Netherlands and newly adopted legality in Uruguay, and is looking at becoming a pilot project for the decriminalisation of marijuana in South Africa.

Hayleigh Evan, Maboneng brand manager said, “What we are doing right now is not necessarily just creating spaces for people to smoke a joint whenever they want. It is more about creating a controlled environment where we can test the parameters of use.”

Read more...


A ‘massive’ dagga bust

dagga raid cops


More than 50 policemen swooped on a drug-smuggling operation near Pietermaritzburg on Friday morning, seizing R350 000 of dagga and cash. Picture: Shan Pillay

Durban - A Kwazulu-Natal couple believed to be among the country’s biggest dagga smugglers have been arrested near Pietermaritzburg after a six-month covert crime intelligence operation.

The police are also probing the couple’s alleged links with international drug syndicates in countries like the UK and Netherlands.

Police spokeswoman, Lieutenant Joey Jeevan, said the seized dagga was just the tip of the iceberg: “These guys are bringing in tons and tons of dagga every month. Our investigators are still quantifying the amounts. But it is multi-millions.”

A high-ranking police source said the dagga was of “very, very high quality” which attracted high-end customers locally and internationally.

The dagga – compressed into 3kg balls – was transported through the mountainous terrain in Lesotho using horses and donkeys, the source said.

“The drugs are transported across the border to a location in Underberg where bakkies and trucks wait to transport it to Pietermaritzburg,” the source said.


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