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Photo of the month:
May - Phat Fruity
" Phatt Fruity has a distinctly earthy taste and a pure couch locking stone effect"
April - Cheese
"Strong, Euphoria, Excitement, Giggles, Creativity"
March - Haze
"Columbian, Mexican and Thai variaties. HiGH THC"
February - ISO Hash Oil
"Honey oil. Achieving this quality with ISO or acetone is hard"
January- El Monstre
"Sannies El Monstre: Jackberry Blue Cronic"
June - White Widow
" The White Widow buds burn very well leaving only a fine white ash behind"
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Be wise, vaporize

Be wise, vaporize! An introduction on verbal vaporizers and their health benefits by Nicola


Few years ago a friend from Vancouver came to visit me here in Cape Town.When we got home he unpacked his bags and told me "I have a present for you…". In my head I was already thinking "Huumm some yummy maple sirup!".He handed me a smallish box and inside I found something that looked like an 'ancient' Motorola cellphone.My first reaction was "What the heck! I have an iPhone, why would I need a chunky phone like this one?" and he said "Dude, that's a VAPORIZER!"


This is how and when how my vaporizers' love affair began.

I had not a clue of what a vaporizer was or how it worked: after doing some researches I was very surprised to find out that vapes (short for vaporizer) have been around for over 15 years.

So, what is a vaporizer? In a nutshell a vaporizer is a healthier alternative to enjoy the pleasures of consuming weed.

Yes, I do smoke weed fairly regularly and after 20 years of inhaling smoke containing carcinogenic elements such as tars, carbon monoxide and heavy particulate matter, I've developed something that could be described as a scratchy throat. If you are a tobacco or weed smoker, you know what I'm talking about. That cannot be good, right?

If you do a quick Google search you'll find that persistent cannabis consumption over prolonged periods could cause epithetial injury of the trachea and major bronchi, airway injury, lung inflammation, impaired pulmonary defense against infection, as well as impairing learning capabilities, psychomotor performances and a bunch more.

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Marijuana 101: By Professor Lee


Unlike the vast majority of other grow books, Marijuana 101 reads like an informal study guide for an "Introduction to Growing" course run by a professor who had a successful grow for a decade. Professor Lee involves his readers and helps them over each potential stumbling block, with constant reference to his own experience, giving the book the personal touch similar guides lack. Lee discusses what to think about before even choosing to grow, how to keep it secret, and how to keep it cheap. He also covers what to buy and where, how to make sense of the myriad of equipment, and the merits of different grow techniques. There’s even basic bud history and theory, including how to identify strains and understand the fundamental needs of the precious plants. The benefits of hydroponics, the pros and cons of different soils, and how to breed individual strains are all discussed, but the focus is always the same — ending up with a successful indoor grow. 


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Radio Interview with Jules and Myrtle


JOHANNESBURG - A Lanseria couple has launched a legal challenge against legislation outlawing dagga, claiming it was based on unscientific prejudice and violated their right to explore human consciousness.
Judge Eberhard Bertelsmann yesterday granted an order in the North Gauteng High Court, staying the criminal trial of Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke pending the outcome their constitutional challenge against sections of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act dealing with dagga.

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The Unexploded Boer

In the winter of 1975, Erich Rautenbach’s life took a serious turn for the worse when he was bust for selling weed by gun-toting undercover cops. He’d been selling the dope to raise money to leave South Africa in a bid to escape his army call-up and resist having to shoot people in the name of apartheid. But instead he found himself in the infamous John Vorster Square, at the mercy of drug squad policemen who seemed convinced that he was part of some notorious drug ring.

This wild memoir recreates the Cape Town of the 1960s and ’70s, where Erich hung out with people from District Six and the Bo-Kaap and jammed with fellow musicians at The Office on Long Street. He describes his travels around the country, to Durban, Johannesburg, the Zulu village where he bought Durban Poison, and all the places in between, and recounts his experiences at John Vorster Square, The Fort and Sterkfontein Sanatorium, where events quickly spiraled out of control.

Written in an electric and hilarious style, The Unexploded Boer is destined to become a cult classic.


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Order, Collection, Smoking

Puff.co.za: Order, Collection, Smoking

I was in need of some presents for some smoking friends and
was browsing online for one of the many newish online headshops that have hit our internet highway in the last couple months. Puff.co.za has recieved a few good reviews for product selection, price and service on weed.co.za commnuity forums. I decided to navigate my browser to puff.co.za and instantly on 3G my page was redirected to a colourful, crisp and clean website.
Delivery was fast, within 2 days my order reciept was in my letterbox waiting for collection at the counter. The packaging was stealth, safely packed with good quality packaging and well marked. I slowly opened the boxes to see my new purchases in front of me waiting to be tested. After a few days, we had reviews:

Outside Spoon Pipe

The Spoon pipe is almost too beautiful to smoke. The beauty of this pipe is also felt through its smooth smoking and the outside glass spoon design makes it easy to cup in your hand. A sure conversation stopper that brings some mojo style points for any gender. Tommy Highfinger

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Cannabis: SA's hidden history

There was a time when dagga was as traditional to South Africa as biltong, boerebeskuit and witblits. It fascinated Jan van Riebeeck, missionaries extolled its virtues and it remained a favourite "sundowner" until the first quarter of the last century.

A fascinated audience learnt this at a recent talk in the Grahamstown Friends of the Library's regular Monday evening lecture series. Hazel Crampton, author of the The Sunburnt Queen - the story of a shipwrecked child and her descendants, traced through contemporary oral histories and reports from the Eastern Cape - shared her discoveries about the cannabis sativa plant's past in South Africa - information she encountered while researching ancient trade routes.

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The Pot-Smoker's Song


Found this tattooed guy in remote village on the west coast of South Africa. The poem on his back reads:

The Roker’s Song (The Pot-Smoker’s Song)

A Roker Boy came here one night
and found his house without a light
He struck a match to go to bed
when a sudden thought came into his head

He went into his daughter’s room
and found her hanging from a beam
He took his knife and cut her down
and on her breast these words he found

My love was for a Roker Boy
who smoked his dagga (pot) just for joy

So dig my grave and dig it deep
and plant some dagga at my feet
And on my breast a turtle dove
to show the world I died for love

Now all young Sheilas bear in mind
a Roker’s love is hard to find
If you find one good and true
never change it for a new.



Dopey but dangerous


"In a recent column, I made a snide reference to anarchists with dirty “legalise pot” shirts who are, naturally, attracted to libertarian politics. I ought not to have violated the principles of freedom so flippantly.


In atonement for the grave sin of violating a core principle of liberty, the right to get stoned, today's column is all about, well, the right to get stoned.

There are numerous reasons why it should be legal to manufacture, distribute, sell, possess, and use drugs. And by “drugs”, I mean not only relatively harmless drugs like marijuana, but drugs with dangerous physical, emotional and social consequences, such as tik, cocaine and alcohol.

There is no legitimate reason for a government to impose itself on you by force, unless you have violated someone else's right to life, liberty or property."DM


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