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Photo of the month:
May - Phat Fruity
" Phatt Fruity has a distinctly earthy taste and a pure couch locking stone effect"
April - Cheese
"Strong, Euphoria, Excitement, Giggles, Creativity"
March - Haze
"Columbian, Mexican and Thai variaties. HiGH THC"
February - ISO Hash Oil
"Honey oil. Achieving this quality with ISO or acetone is hard"
January- El Monstre
"Sannies El Monstre: Jackberry Blue Cronic"
June - White Widow
" The White Widow buds burn very well leaving only a fine white ash behind"
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Sativa Cannabis

Sativa cannabis plants

Sativa plants are taller, take longer to mature, have less chlorophyll and more accessory pigments [accessory pigments protect the plant from excessive sunlight]. As Sativa strains have less chlorophyll than Indica they take longer to grow, mature, and require more light. Sativa cannabis plants vary from about 6 feet | 180 cm to over 25 feet | 7.5 m in height [outdoors]. Most varieties grow in the 8 feet | 240 cm to I2 feet | 360 cm range. The cannabis leaves are long and thin fingered and are light green,especially equatorial varieties, which have less chlorophyll and more yellow pigments in order to protect the plant from intense light.

Sativa Plant


Temperate varieties are darker green.The cannabis leaves of some varieties yellow and fall off during maturity. The cannabis plants have long branches. The bottom ones may spread 4 feet | 120 cm or more from the central stalk, rather like a conical Xmas tree shape. The cannabis buds are long and thin, far less densely populated than the Indica, although longer in length, sometimes stretching 3 feet | 90 cm in or more along the branch.The stomas of the flowering bud may be tinged slightly purple in a cool climate but in a warmer environment will turn dark orange or even red. Maturation time varies considerably. Low THC midwestern varieties mature in August and September, while Equatorial varieties mature from November through to January. The cannabis buds require intense light to thicken and swell. Under the low light conditions found in the UK the cannabis buds are very skimpy and thin but are often very potent. Sativa cannabis buds smell sweet, fruity [Apple Pie comes to mind] and perfumed, and their smoke is usually smooth and easily inhaled.


Sativa's are found all over the world and include most of the commercial equatorial varieties such as Colombian,Mexican, Nigerian and South African where cannabis plants can be very potent.When smoking a sativa the high is very Cerebral, you have a rush of energy, a buzz in the body and a great way of getting the housework done without vegging out. Native sativa cannabis plants above the 30th parallel are considered industrial hemp. Under artificial light an Indica plant will mature faster than a sativa, over 4 weeks of extra light is required to bring a sativa plant to maturity, even then its weight is often much lower. Hence, more indica strains are grown for sale, making the dealer/grower richer. So, with all these different growth patterns, highs, THC content and maturation times, cannabis plants of today are almost tailored to the individual grower. Twenty years ago it was difficult to get a prime crop of bud, as the seeds were from a country that produced more light and heat, therefore making growing in this country a little painful for the poor cannabis plants. However today it is possible to buy strains that will flower in the autumn month that best suits you. Indoor growing is fast becoming big business in this country and growers are free to grow whatever strain they desire, no limit is put on light and heat, making all strains possible to grow. Seed companies would not exist without a crossbreeding pattern and there would be no cannabis Cup!! So when you go out to Holland and purchase a strain of weed, purchase three kinds, Pure indica, Pure sativa and a 50/50 crossbreed, and see if you can see the difference in the high, you will be pleasantly surprised, if not a little trashed.



Sativa cannabis high

Sativa plants have an energetic, cerebral high which can stimulate brain activity and may produce hallucinations. The sativa high is often characterized as uplifting and energetic . The effects of a sativa cannabis are mostly cerebral. They give a feeling of optimism and well - being, as well as providing a good measure of pain relief for certain symptoms. A few pure sativa's are also very high in THC content. They are known to have a quite spacey, or hallucinogenic, effect. Sativa's are a good choice for daytime smoking.




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